How To Use the Website

This site is very easy to use. A simple search, by food brand or manufacturer, will immediately tell you whether their product labeling is “trustworthy” or “untrustworthy” for providing you with complete allergen information.

By using the alphabetical menu above to search for the food brand that you are interested in, you will be taken to that company’s page. The company’s labeling practices will be rated in the following manner:

TRUSTWORTHY LABELING – the company has an advisory labeling policy to always warn the public of the possibility of cross-contamination with any of the eight major allergens. Therefore, you can rely on what is written, or not written, on the package.


UNTRUSTWORTHY LABELING – the company does not have an advisory labeling policy to warn the public of the possibility of cross-contamination with any of the eight major allergens. Therefore, you cannot rely on what is written on the package and must gather additional facts to determine if the food is safe for your allergic person.


NEED MORE INFORMATION ON ADVISORY LABELING – the company has an advisory labeling policy in place, but it does not include all eight of the major allergens. Often the company’s page will provide specific details about the issues that I have found with their labeling policy.

It is important to remember that a company being a trustworthy labeler or an untrustworthy labeler does not automatically make the product safe or unsafe for an allergic person. It tells you whether the information printed on the package is complete and trustworthy for you to use, on its own, to determine if a particular food is safe for you or your allergic person or if you need to do further research to determine its safety.

In addition to my rating, each company page will provide you with contact information so that you can contact the company on your own. Also, in the “Detailed Research” section, you will be provided with all of the information that I have gathered on the company’s allergen policies.

Registered users of this site will be able to create their own “Approved List” of food manufacturers. You will then be able to take this “Approved List” with you whenever you go shopping and will immediately know which labels you can trust. You will also have the ability to share this “Approved List” with family, friends, teachers, day care centers or anyone else that may be buying food for your allergic person.

Cautions For Users Of This Site:

  1. The information on this site is only valid for products manufactured for sale in the United States. Different countries have different laws pertaining to food that is being sold in their countries.
  2. This site rates some companies as “Trustworthy” and “Untrustworthy”. This is possible as some companies have different policies for different divisions of the company (example: the candy division v. the ice cream division).
  3. Some “brands” of food are licensed out to others manufacturing companies. Although the “brand” may have an allergen labeling policy, there may be times that the company that actually manufacturers the product may not have a policy. Be careful to always focus on the manufacturer’s policy. There are notes about this issue for the products that I have come across that present this issue.
  4. The date on which I conducted my research is listed on each company page. Please keep this in mind as companies can, and do, change their policies at any time. Regular updates regarding changes will be posted.
  5. Some companies’ policies only pertain to the top eight allergens. Other companies will include other allergens in their policies (example: sesame or seeds). If you are dealing with an allergy that is not one of the top eight allergens, please read the detailed research section of each company page for any additional information that I have learned.

If you are interested in learning more about a company that is not included on this site, please let me know through the Contact Page. I will be regularly updating and adding to the site.

The information on this site is meant as an aid in determining if a label can be trusted. It is not a substitute for reading labels.

This website is not intended to give good or bad publicity to any individual company. It is solely intended for informational purposes to help the public have the best information readily available to them when choosing food for an allergic person.